Build and deploy a UX design team

We were asked to come in and support a CX and UX design team during a large end to end process improvement programme. The design team were tasked by the programme and budget holder to support their efforts with design and content capability.


We researched the current design team's structure, capacity and skills matrix in collaboration with the head of design. Then we carried out insights research on other similar sized teams in the same and related industries. We went through desk research on the scope of the programme and were able to come up with a talent requirements table and schedule.



During the course of the 18 month programmes we provided 4 UX designers, 2 UI designers and 6 content writers consistently. In addition to that, at moments of high capacity we were able to source additional, shorter term contractors to help the core and burst team.


The writing team were nominated, and won, an internal excellence award for displaying excellent team work about three-quarters through the programme. Towards the end of this 18 month engagement 75 percent of the contractors we added to our burst team were taken on by the client as permanent members of staff. The others voluntarily moved to other projects with other clients.


The overall success of the programme was helped in a major way by the Rattleberry burst team model. So much so that this structure of small design squads, assigned to programme tasks, has now been replicated by other areas and programmes as a mark of the success we have had.